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Date Teams Our Pick Result League
12 July 2024 Hermannstadt - Univ. Craiova Univ. Craiova 0 AH DRAW Romania: Liga 1
11 July 2024 Atl. Escaldes - Dudelange Dudelange Win WIN World: Conference League
10 July 2024 Netherlands - England England 0 AH WIN World: Euro
09 July 2024 G. Sangmu - Suwon FC G / G WIN South Korea: K League 1
08 July 2024 Hafnarfjordur - KA Akureyri Team 1 LOSS Iceland: Pepsideild
07 July 2024 Ham-Kam - Tromso G / G LOSS Norway: Eliteserien
06 July 2024 Jeju Utd - Seoul G / G WIN South Korea: K League 1
05 July 2024 Suwon FC - Ulsan HD Over 2.5 G LOSS South Korea: K League 1
04 July 2024 Waterford - St. Patricks G / G LOSS Ireland: Premier Division
03 July 2024 Kalju - Parnu Over 2.5 G WIN Estonia: Premium Liiga
02 July 2024 Austria - Turkey G / G WIN World: Euro
01 July 2024 Portugal - Slovenia Over 2.5 G LOSS World: Euro
30 June 2024 Pohang - Ulsan HD G / G WIN South Korea: K League 1
29 June 2024 SJK - Haka Over 2.5 G WIN Finland: Veikkausliiga
28 June 2024 Tromso - Molde Over 2.5 G LOSS Norway: Eliteserien
27 June 2024 Sandefjord - Ham-Kam Over 2.5 G WIN Norway: Eliteserien
26 June 2024 Ulsan HD - Daegu Ulsan HD Win WIN South Korea: K League 1
25 June 2024 Netherlands - Austria G / G WIN World: Euro
24 June 2024 Landskrona - Orgryte Over 2.5 G WIN Sweden: Superettan
23 June 2024 Valerenga - Sandnes Valerenga -1.5 AH WIN Norway: 1. Division
22 June 2024 Turkey - Portugal Over 2.5 G WIN World: Euro
21 June 2024 Netherlands - France Over 2.5 G LOSS World: Euro
20 June 2024 Spain - Italy Spain Win WIN World: Euro
19 June 2024 Scotland - Switzerland Switzerland Win LOSS World: Euro
18 June 2024 Portugal - Czech Republic G / G WIN World: Euro
17 June 2024 Austria - France Over 2.5 G LOSS World: Euro
16 June 2024 Moss - Bryne Over 2.5 G LOSS Norway: 1. Division
15 June 2024 Gangwon - Suwon FC G / G WIN South Korea: K League 1
14 June 2024 Germany - Scotland Germany -1.5 AH WIN World: Euro
13 June 2024 Espanyol - Gijon Under 2.5 G WIN Spain: LaLiga2
12 June 2024 Eibar - R. Oviedo Under 2.5 G WIN Spain: LaLiga2
11 June 2024 Moldova - Ukraine Over 2.5 G WIN World: Friendly Game
10 June 2024 Poland - Turkey Over 2.5 G WIN World: Friendly Game
09 June 2024 Gijon - Espanyol Under 2.5 G WIN Spain: LaLiga2
08 June 2024 Denmark - Norway Both To Score WIN World: Friendly Game
07 June 2024 VPS - Ilves G / G WIN Finland: Veikkausliiga

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